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The Vocational Welding program is designed to prepare students to join the workforce or continue their education. The main emphasis is placed on theory and practice of shielded metal arc welding, shielded metal gas welding, gas tungsten, arc welding, plasma arc cutting and oxyacetylene cutting. Students are also instructed on safely setting up and operating horizontal saws, chop saws, ironworkers, power shears, drill presses and brakes and hand grinders. The equipment used is of the latest technology available with the tigs and migs having computerized pulse capabilities. The welding program follows the American Welding Society (AWS) curriculum, which offers students the opportunity to earn AWS, Level I Certification. This certification will be recognized throughout the United States, Canada and much of the world.

Teacher Picture
Teacher Picture


Students may enroll in the Welding program for two years beginning in their junior year. No prerequisites are required for this program.  Six to twelve high school credits may be earned by participating in the class.

Dual Credits

Students enrolled in Welding may be eligible to apply for the following dual credits over the course of their 2 years of instruction:


Ivy Tech Community College


1st Year Students

  • INDT114 Introductory Welding - 3 credits

  • WELD108 Shielded Metal Arc Welding - 3 credits

  • WELD207 Gas Metal Arc Welding – 3 credits


2nd Year Students

  • WELD206 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welding II – 3 credits

  • WELD208 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding – 3 credits

  • WELD272 Advanced Gas Metal Welding II (Must pass WELD108) - 3 credits

  • WELD273 Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II (Must pass WELD 208) - 3 credits 


Students need to contact their Guidance Counselor for an application.


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