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Smart Technologies & Automation

The Smart Technologies & Automation program is a place where Information Technology, Smart Technologies, Automation, and Robotics come together to create the most efficient workplaces of the future. It is an environment where students will learn how machines "talk" to machines and machines "talk" to people through the Internet and the Cloud in order to make life and work more convenient. The combinations of these technologies and their interconnectivity leads to a more comprehensive approach to the making and delivery of the products we buy and use every day. These technologies are being introduced into many manufacturing and logistics businesses, but are likely to become commonplace in many industries in the future. 

See this Program in Action 

Real World Application 

Training Lab Environment


Students may enroll in the Smart Technologies and Automation Program for two years beginning in their junior year. No prerequisites are required for this program.  Six to twelve high school credits may be earned by participating in the class.


Students need to contact their Guidance Counselor for an application.


260-544-3455 (ext.106)

401 E Diamond St, Kendallville, IN 46755

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