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Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts program is designed to prepare students to join the workforce or continue their education in the area of food service operation, preparation, and ultimately, professional chef. Targeted areas of curriculum will include: nutrition, sanitation and safety, basic food preparation, baking, pastries, meat and seafood, equipment utilization and maintenance, purchasing, inventory and management. Students have an opportunity to be ServSafe certified.

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Students may enroll in the Culinary Arts program for two years beginning in their junior year. No prerequisites are required for this program.  Six to twelve high school credits may be earned by participating in the class.

Dual Credits

Students enrolled in Culinary Arts may be eligible to apply for the following dual credits over the course of their 2 years of instruction:


Ivy Tech Community College:


1st Year Students

  • HOSP101 Sanitation & First Aid - 2 credits (Must pass Accuplacer)

  • HOSP102 Basic Food Theory and Skills – 3 credits (Must pass HOSP101)

  • HOSP105 Introduction to Baking - 3 credits (Must pass HOSP101)


2nd Year Students

  • HOSP103 Soups, Stocks and Sauces – 3 credits

  • HOSP104 Nutrition - 3 credits (Must pass Accuplacer)

  • HOSP108 Hospitality Human Resources Management and Supervision – 3 credits


Students need to contact their Guidance Counselor for an application.


  • Uniform purchase $75



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