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Construction Trades

Construction Trades

Construction Trades is designed to provide students with experiences of constructing a new home. Projects will include: cement work, framing, roofing, siding, window installation, dry walling, finish work, some plumbing, heating, and electrical.  The program follows the NCCER curriculum and provides students the opportunity to earn the CORE and Carpentry Level 1 certifications. 


Students may enroll in the Construction Trades program for two years beginning in their junior year. No prerequisites are required for this program.  Six to twelve high school credits may be earned by participating in the class.

Dual Credits

Students enrolled in Construction Trades may be eligible to apply for the following dual credits over the course of their 2 years of instruction:


Ivy Tech Community College:


1st Year Students

  • BCTI100 Introduction to Construction - 3 credits

  • BCTI101 Introduction to Carpentry, Part I - 3 credits (Must pass BCTI100)


2nd Year Students

  • BCTI102 Introduction to Carpentry, Part II - 3 credits (Must pass BCTI101)

  • BCTI103 Carpentry Framing & Finishing, Part I - 3 credits (Must pass BCTI100)

  • BCTI104 Carpentry Framing & Finishing, Part II - 3 credits (Must pass BCTI103)


Students need to contact their Guidance Counselor for an application.


Students will pay only for personal classroom supplies such as notebooks, paper, pencils, etc.  Students may provide their own tool belt, hammer, square, and measuring tape if desired. 


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