Primary Healthcare

Kelly Graden graduated from IU School of Nursing with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and has been a registered nurse for over 20 years. Kelly has worked in a variety of medical settings including hospitals, physician offices, and local schools. She joined Impact Institute in 2010 and gained her Workplace Specialist License. For many years, Kelly has been a CPR instructor and teaches CPR and First Aid classes to individuals and at several area nursing homes. Kelly has been married to her husband Brad for over 20 years and they have two sons.

Angie Smith began her healthcare career as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), but later made the decision to attend Indiana Wesleyan University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and became a registered nurse. She has worked over 16 years as a floor nurse, as a long term care team member, and in Nursing Administration. Angie joined the Impact Health Care Team in 2017 and has earned her Workplace Specialist Teaching License.

Terri Maggert earned her CNA License while attending Impact Institute’s Primary Health Care program during high school. She decided to further her healthcare career by earning her Associates Degree in Nursing from IPFW and is a Registered Nurse. While attending college, Terri was able to work as a CNA, which helped her in paying for college expenses. After graduation, Terri continued her healthcare career by working in surgery and general hospital nursing. Terri has been a Primary Health Care Instructor with Impact since 2011. Terri states,” I love teaching because I feel that I make a large impact on the healthcare field by creating compassionate caregivers.” She is blessed with one son.

Abigail Handshoe earned her CNA License while in high school through Impact Institute’s Primary Health Care program. She then attended IPFW and earned her Associates Degree in Nursing and is a registered nurse. Abigail worked as a RN on the medical/surgical floor of Parkview LaGrange Hospital for 4 years while also working for LaGrange Surgery Center and Northeast Internal Medicine. She transferred to Parkview Home Health and Hospice where she worked as a nurse case manager. Abigail’s true passion is geriatric care. She joined Impact as a full-time instructor in 2011 and says, “The Primary Health Care program has given me the opportunity to share my passion with my students. I enjoy teaching others how to care for the elderly.” Abigail enjoys the clinical setting because it allows her to teach students in a hands-on setting.

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