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Design Technology (CAD)

Classroom and lab experiences in the Design Technology program are organized to prepare students for college or employment in the broad area of the drafting industry. Instruction covers CAD Drafting, Architectural Drafting, Industrial Mechanical Drafting, Graphic Design and Civil Drafting. The curriculum also includes 3D modeling technology and multiple versions of CAD software. Currently the Design Technology program utilizes AutoCAD 2018, Inventor, Revit and Solid Works to complete the competencies in either mechanical or architectural drafting.  Students have the opportunity to pursue their AutoCAD certification. 

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Students may enroll in the Design Technology program for two years, beginning in their junior year. No prerequisites are required for this program.  Six to twelve high school credits may be earned by participating in the class.

Dual Credits

Students enrolled in Design Technology may be eligible to apply for the following dual credits over the course of their 2 years of instruction:


1st Year Students

  • Vincennes University DRAF140 Introduction to CAD - 3 credits

  • Vincennes University ARCH141 Introduction to Arch. CAD - 3 credits

  • Ivy Tech DESN101 Introduction to Design Technology - 3 credits


2nd Year Students

  • Ivy Tech DESN104 Mechanical Graphics - 3 credits (Must pass DESN101)

  • Ivy Tech DESN105 Architectural Design I - 3 credits (Must pass DESN101)

  • IvyTech DESN113 2D Computer Aided Design - 3 credits (Must pass DESN101)

  • Vincennes University ARCH221 Adv. Architect Software Applications - 4 credits 


Students need to contact their Guidance Counselor for an application.


  • Spiral Notebook

  • Spiral Sketch Book

  • Colored Pencils



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